Monday, July 22, 2013

Miley Cyrus Panty Flash of the Day

I like Miley Cyrus cuz she’s looks like a retard. You know an inbred idiot who would have no teeth if she didn’t have a cosmetic dentist and millions of dollars and a spoiled brat attitude…

I like that she’s got this hot little body that looks younger than it is, because Disney likes to protect their investment by keeping their puppets young and ready to monetize if needed, until they decide to dispose of them, by making them look crazy and replacing them with new puppets to brain wash the young.

While here is this ones showing off her country possum, ruining it with panties, but still worth looking at it trying to escape her panties, like it was about to be caught for a good backwoods dinner, even if I prefer her possum in gampies shed about to be taught some valuable lessons about being a country girl from the backwoods…you know and how to keep the blood line of the family still goin’

miley-cyrus-panty-flash-thong-02-435x580 miley-cyrus-panty-flash-thong-03-435x580 miley-cyrus-panty-flash-thong-04-580x435 miley-cyrus-panty-flash-thong-07-580x435

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Here’s a bonus twitter pussy grab…


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